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How To: Mass delete records via MIF

There are probably several ways, but when I need to mass delete records via MIF, I tend to use SQL to build the XML statements then use Postman to send the request. Let's say we want to delete all assets from site XYZ. First let's get all the assets from that site:...

The First Post

This be the first post yo. Browse, get bored, move on.

Hello world!

A SQL statement walks into a bar. Walks up to two tables and says: "Mind if I join you?" I guess only select few will get this...

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My name is Andrej Marinić. I live and work in London, UK.

I am a Technical Consultant, specialising in Maximo Asset Management.



My name is Andrej. I am currently employed by a company called EAMS Group and performing a role of a Technical Architect.


If you would like to have a chat, hit me up on Twitter. My handle is @andrejmarinic.

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